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  Title : Barong and Rangda
  Artist : Ida Bagus Made Wija
  Media : Tempera and ink on canvas
  Size : 40 x 37 cm
  Year : 1971
Cosmic conflict is shown in a ritual drama between the lionlike barong (protective spirit), representing positive forces, and evil personified in rangda (widow-witch). It is performed in the outer courtyard of a temple as musicians play the gamelan (percussion ensemble). Leyak (practitioners oners of black magic) have flaming joints and tongues, seen in the witch and a disciple before her. The barong is almost camouflaged amidst the crowds of people.

  Title : Grateful Animals
  Artist : Ida Bagus Made Togog
  Media : Tempera and ink on paper
  Size : 55 x 31 cm
  Year : 1950
In a fable from the Indian Tantri Kamandaka, the holy man Empu Dharmaswami rescue a tiger, monkey, snake, and goldsmith who fell into a well. The monkey gives him some fruits, and the tiger offers him the jewelry of a prince who was killed by the beast. Dharmaswami gives it to the goldsmith, who reports to the king that the holy man is a murderer and thief. Dharmaswami is arrested, but the animals come to is rescue. The tiger terrorizes the kingdom, and the snake bites the otherprince. During a curing ritual the serpent appears and says that only Dharmaswami can seve him. Thus the animals repay their debt to the priest.

  Title : The War of Independence
  Artist : I Wayan Bendi
  Media : Acrylic on paper
  Size : 53 x 75 cm
  Year : 1986
Gift of Rudana Fine Art Gallery (Peliatan, Bali).
At the end of World War II in Asia and the Pacific, Indonesia declared its independence in1945. The Dutch tried to reclaim their colony and split the archipelago between the Nationalists in Java and Sumatra, and the pro-Dutch State of East Indonesia which included Bali and islands to the east. A warraged for nearly four years until the United Nations, Americans, British and Australians forced the Dutch to withdraw in 1949. Life goes on in This imaginative work as Balinese try to shoot down a Dutch plane. Armed with daggers they flight Dutch soldiers as cameramen record the struggle.

  Title : Flying Kites
  Artist : I Made Budi
  Media : Acrylic and ink on paper
  Size : 40 x 60 cm
  Year : 1986
Kite flying in a popular pastime among the young and old in Bali during the dry season months from July to September when strong winds are blowing. Tho most popular shape for kites is called babean, (like a fish), from the word be (fish). Village children sometimes improvise kites with large dried leaves; a boy here flies a heart-shaped leaf while seated on a cow. A small group of tourists with their cameras photograph the lively scene while a pair of government officials calmly look on. Trees bend in the strong breezes, and clouds in the sky appear windswept.